GHANA – The head of the Fulani Community in the Ashanti Region has called on the government to consider setting up a beef and milk production factory in the Asante Akim North District as part of its flagship one-District one-Factory policy.

This according to Osman Bin Ahmed will boost the socio-economic development of Agogo and its environs as well as end the age-long conflict between Fulani herdsmen and locals.

Farmers and residents within Agogo and adjoining communities have consistently accused the herdsmen of causing destructions to their farmlands and other properties.

Speaking in a Citi News interview, Chief Bin Ahmed emphasized the need for Government to focus on the positive aspects of cattle rearing in such communities to better lives of people living there.

He cited countries like Brazil who have benefited economically from cattle rearing and urged Ghana to adopt a similar approach.

“I am exploring a lot of opportunities on how we can turn the conflict in the area to benefit this country. Our dear President is talking about setting up factories and there is a lot that we can gain from the cattle if we take our time and study it. Everybody knows we can get milk. Secondly, there is meat. People will like to see Agogo corn beef, people will also want to see Agogo yoghurt and it will create a lot of employment,” Bin Ahmed said
He said the leadership of the Fulani community is liaising with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to assist the herdsmen on how to grow fodder to feed their cattle.

He also appealed to benevolent organizations to help construct dams to provide a source of drinking water for the cattle.

The Fulani chief is optimistic such measures will go a long way to maintain sanity and order within Agogo and other farming communities.


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