The German charitable association “Essener Tafel” issued new types of vouchers on Wednesday which prevent foreign citizens from accessing its food banks.

In spite of widespread public criticism of the announced move, including by German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), in recent days,
“A German passport is now a requirement in order to file an application to become a member of “Essener Tafel” and hence access their donations of foodstuffs,’’ it said.

According to German media, the change in regime did not provoke any incidents during the application process which potential service users must attend in person.

The temporary restriction will be valid for six weeks and was justified by the charity as a reaction to unusually high demand for its services.

Due to the resulting public outcry, however, the municipal government of Essen and Joerg Sartor, president of the charitable association, have agreed to host an emergency roundtable.

The essence of the roundtable is to discuss a change in access regulations which prioritises elderly individuals, single-parents, and families with underage children in the future.

[Independent Newspaper]

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