People around the world enjoy cocoa in many different forms, consuming more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans yearly. Every consumer has a unique taste and preferences of the end product. Once the beans have been harvested, fermented, dried and transported, they are processed in several components. Cocoa seeds are used to derive products like cocoa powder, chocolate, cocoa butter, etcetera.

Cocoa is considered a rich source of antioxidants such as procyanidins and flavonoids, which may impart anti-aging properties. Cocoa also contain a high level of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

Cocoa is a stimulant and contains the compounds theobromine and caffeine. The stimulant activity of cocoa comes from the compound theobromine which is less diuretic as compared to theophylline found in tea.


• A cup of cocoa a day may keep the doctor away. BBC News

• Regular intake of cocoa lowers blood pressure. Dutch Scientists from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthroven, The Netherlands

• The Kuna Amerindians who live off coast of Panama take a lot of salt but do not become hypertensive apparently due to their regular intake of cocoa drink. Professor Hollenberg, Boston University, USA

• Daily intake of pure cocoa beverage reduces frequency of malaria. Professor Kwaku Addai, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana

• Regular intake of cocoa prevents diabetes. Ghana Science


The facts have shown it. Scientists have proven it. Evidence has accumulated. What else are we waiting for? Cocoa is it! From the myriads of facts accumulated so far on cocoa, if you really care about your health, you will not go a day without this miracle commodity.

Cocoa is one of the best health food for you!

• Dr. Olayiwola Olubamiwa, National Cocoa Development Committee, Nigeria (NCDC)

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