The The United States was ranked 26th on a list of 67 countries when collectively assessed on three categories — food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture and nutritional challenges. The Food Sustainability Index tool is a project of the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation. This is the third year it has been produced.


The U.S. ranked 16th when assessed solely on food loss and waste, 33rd on sustainable agriculture and 45th on nutritional challenges. France was ranked first overall on the index, followed by the Netherlands, Canada, Finland and Japan. At the bottom overall were the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.


Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition)

According to the index, the food loss and waste score is a weighted average of indicators in policies that respond to that category. Sustainable agriculture takes indicators into account in the water, land, emissions and land use categories. And nutritional challenges assess indicators in the health and nutrition categories. Higher scores mean a country is on the right path to tackling the problems in those respective areas.


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